The 5 Amazing Facts about Pizza … the most loved food in the world!

What is the oldest flavor of red pizza?
The oldest flavor of red pizza as we know it is marinara: tomato, garlic, oregano, extra virgin olive oil. But don’t be fooled by the name, the fish has nothing to do with it! It got this name because it was the pizza eaten by fishermen once they returned from the sea!

Ordering a pizza in Alaska
Until a few years ago, if you were in Alaska and you had an irrepressible desire for pizza, you could turn to the Airport Pizza pizzeria in the city of Nome. This one sent the pizzas by plane to nearby villages without a pizzeria. To start the flight, however, at least 30 orders were required at 10 dollars each.

Pizza for astronauts
NASA has commissioned to a Texan company, Anjan Contractor of Austin, a 3D printer that is able, by mixing some powdered food and water, to print a pizza. In this way, even the astronauts on a mission will be able to eat a pizza. Or something that comes close to it …

Pizza effect! 

We talk about the pizza effect in sociology when a local phenomenon is successful abroad first than in the country of origin, where it returns as a protagonist at a later time. In fact, it was exactly what happened to the pizza that became famous first in America and then later in Italy.

The first pizza via the web
The first e-commerce store in the world was born in 1994 in Santa Cruz, California when a pizzeria of the Pizza Hut chain opened a website where it was possible to order pizza online.